The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health is now…. The Center for Workplace Mental Health

The Center for Workplace Mental Health, formally the Partnership, was established as an initiative of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation in 2002. "The new name reflects the growth in our work with employers over the last decade, and helps articulate the diverse range in activities we engage in - from programs employers can implement at their companies, to collaborations with employer organizations, to resources and tools to help drive change in how mental health is addressed at the workplace," said American Psychiatric Association Foundation executive director Daniel Gillison, Jr.

The Center for Workplace Mental Health exists to help employers advance mental health within their work environment and establish a culture that is supportive and inclusive for their employees.

The Center's resources include:

  • research that shows the value of employer engagement in addressing mental health
  • nearly 70 employer case studies representing a diversity of industries, and
  • turnkey materials that can be adopted by employers and deployed in the workplace to increase awareness and help-seeking among employees.
  • A very special thanks to Clare Miller who has been a pioneer and leading voice in workplace mental health. She served as director for the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health from 2003 until August 15, 2017. Her passion and persistence has been key to positioning the program to what it is today...The Center for Workplace Mental Health.