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Anxiety disorders: What Employers Need to Know

Anxiousness, fear, and worry are normal human experiences and in some instances, are even adaptive and helpful for our survival. Most people feel a little nervous before a big speech, a job interview, or a visit to the doctor. But in anxiety disorders, those feelings are crippling, extreme, and/or persistent.

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Can Online Treatment Replace Your Therapist?

A review of the results of 14 studies published between 2005 and 2015 concluded that online therapy programs can help some people with mild to moderate depression.

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Depression Relapse: What Can Trigger It and How to Prevent It

Discontinuing treatment is the most common risk factor for a relapse. At least half of those who are diagnosed with depression once will have one or more bouts with the disease over the course of a lifetime.

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Opioid Epidemic Affects Most Age Groups, Areas in U.S.

A new report shows that the opioid epidemic impacts nearly all age groups and rural and urban areas in the United States based on health insurance claims.

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