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Caregiver Testimonial: Five Practical Steps for Employers to Support Employees Who Are Caregivers

Millions of working Americans serve as caregivers and care managers for a loved one living with a mental health condition, placing tremendous stress and added responsibility to their everyday lives. Stigma often prevents people from discussing the day-to-day role they play as a caregiver, leaving them feeling isolated, increasing stress and impacting their lives at work. Mental health advocate and Executive Director of The Living Assistance Fund, Monica Luke tells her story about how her role as a caregiver for her son impacted her work and how her employer supported her through her journey.

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Mental Health in the Workplace: A Call to Action Proceedings From the Mental Health in the Workplace—Public Health Summit

This article offers both a scientific and humanistic rationale for better addressing the often-neglected topic of mental health in the workplace. In addition to underscoring the problem of mental illness, the authors recommend establishing healthy company cultures that prevent work-related stress and support the identification and treatment of mental illness.

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