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Kent State University: Addressing Depression as a Meaningful Part of Well-Being

In 2012, KSU’s leadership made a commitment to take a holistic approach to addressing employee well-being, work-life balance and mental health. Since then, creating a culture of health and well-being has become their operational cornerstone.

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Anxiety is expensive: Employee mental health costs rise twice as fast as all other medical expenses

Employers are making mental health a priority in response to the soaring costs associated with such conditions like anxiety.

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Study: Lingering illnesses can trouble women for years after assault, workplace harassment

A new study finds lingering health problems in women who experience workplace sexual assault and harassment. These health problems include symptoms of depression, anxiety and poor quality of sleep.

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Helping employers start the conversation around suicide prevention

Given recent media coverage of the high-profile suicides, employers should be more aware of how these events have a heightened impact on people’s mental health and well-being in the workplace.

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4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Mental Health In the Workplace

The psychological capital of an organization is an invaluable resource. Employers that understand the importance employees’ mental health see improved employee engagement, and productivity.

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