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NB Power: Understanding Mental Health to Ensure Better Health for Employees

With the energy sector facing increasing changes and uncertainties, workers are inevitably impacted. Leaders at NB wanted to understand how they could best support their employees’ through the change by addressing their psychological health and safety in the workplace.

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Why Business Schools Should Focus on Mental Health

With mental illness and substance abuse costing American business an estimated $300 billion a year, why isn’t the topic of mental health ingrained in our business schools? That is the question leaders at the National Mental Health Innovation Center at The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus posed.

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The Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) Toolkit for Evaluating High-Value Mental Health Care

Throughout 2017-2018, Catalyst for Payment Reform convened a group of eight employer-purchasers and a subject matter expert from Mercer for their Mental Health Collaborative to document specific challenges faced by each employer and determine a framework for addressing them. The group identified three main barriers preventing them from achieving their organization’s goal.

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Supportive Manager Key When a Worker Is Depressed

A recent study reveals that those with depression take less days off from work when their manager is supportive.

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A CEO’s Radical Treatment for a Lifetime of Depression (Guest Column)

Paul Greenberg, the leader of digital video firm called Butter Works reflects on his experience living with depression. There were times when he told no one because of the stigma and wondered if people would perceive him as weak.

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Exercising just this much can help prevent depression

Exercise alone is not a replacement for good mental health treatment; however, studies show it to be reliable intervention to help people improve their mood and mental health.

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