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Why Addressing Workplace Stress Is Important for Employers

The demands and challenges of work can result in high stress for some employees, which, in turn, can be costly for employers. Employers can address and reduce work stress by focusing on prevention, intervention and support.

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When It Comes to Insurance Money, Mental Health Is Not Treated Equal

An analysis by Milliman, a healthcare consulting company, found that American workers who are insured by their employer are four to six times more likely to use out-of-pocket mental health care than medical care. And when in-network care is found, insurance companies reimburse mental health professionals less than primary or specialty care providers for comparable services.

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Hope and Healing for Mental Illness is Possible

What employers can do to address accountability, accessibility and affordability in mental healthcare.

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Business Owners Help Employees Deal with Emotional Problems

As small business owners juggle competing concerns and limited resources in their workplace, some are able to find ways in addressing employees’ mental health issues.

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