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The Path Forward Initiative

Driving market-based improvement in access and care for all Americans

Access to care is more important than ever. While higher-paid Americans can generally access care, all others face huge – often insurmountable – challenges.The COVID-19 pandemic has created an even greater mental health crisis, and employers continue to face tremendous challenges in locating and accessing timely and effective mental health and substance use treatment for their employees

The Center for Workplace Mental Health joined forces with other influential non-profits to develop The Path Forward for Mental Health and Substance Use Project. The purpose of this project is to execute a systematic and measurable approach to improving access to mental health and substance use care by focusing on the following 5 key areas:  

  1. Improving in-network access to behavioral health specialists.
  2. Expanding screening & testing for MHSUDs.
  3. Expanding the Collaborative Care Model of integrated care.
  4. Improving and sustaining momentum on Tele-behavioral health.
  5. Ensuring mental health parity compliance.

These five evidence-based reforms exist to dramatically improve early detection and access to behavioral healthcare. Implementation of these reforms is the centerpiece of the Path Forward. 

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