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A Conversation with Young Professionals on DEI


Wednesday, July 21
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

Employers understand the importance of developing effective policies and practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEIB). This Virtual Town Hall, developed in partnership with the Steve Fund, features a panel of young professionals and a Steve Fund Mental Health Expert who will share their views on what organizations can do to effectively support them and create DEIB programs and initiatives that attract and retain top talent. Discover how you might develop strategies to effectively address DEIB issues within your organization to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

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What We Learned About Wellness While Working From Home, and How to Use those Insights

Many traditional office workers experienced the pros and cons of working from home during the pandemic. For organizations to be successful in a post-pandemic work environment, employers must be willing to incorporate some of those positive elements and recognize the importance of mental health and well-being through stress management and setting healthy boundaries.

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Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

When navigating a mental health issue in the workplace that requires a request for time off or reasonable accommodations, the ultimate goal should be to find a solution that is acceptable for both the employee and employer. To better meet this goal, employers must be willing to have open dialogues, be flexible and understand the significance of self-care.

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4 Common-Sense Ways To Champion Mental Health At Work

The associated stressors of the pandemic have taken a toll on workers of all ages. Employers can help mitigate these negative effects on their employees mental health through common-sense strategies for prevention, identification, and intervention.

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