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The Leading Resource for Workplace Mental Health

The Center for Workplace Mental Health helps employers create a more supportive workplace environment for their employees and advance mental health policies at their organizations.

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Returning to the Workplace: Supporting Employees Through the Transition

Employers are now faced with unique challenges that accompany building a “new normal” and returning to a workplace with new and different dynamics. Check out our new guide for practical tips on leading and supporting the workforce through the transition back to the workplace.

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Recent News and Events

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Making Workplace Mental Health Work

Lakeside understood the high risk of suicide among men in the construction industry. Their team asked, "how do we reduce stigma and make it okay to talk about mental health concerns in a tough-guy and gal environment?"

Making Workplace Mental Health Work

See how employers are successfully implementing workplace mental health programs and initiatives.

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Getting Started

We work directly with employers to provide ready-to-deploy resources and programs, helping business to raise standards, positively effect policy change, and improve worker quality of life.

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What Mental Health Means To Your Business

Investing in a mentally healthy workplace is good for business, helping to reduce absenteeism and decreased disability costs while improving employee morale and productivity.

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Learn About Mental Health Issues

Understanding the conditions, policies, and treatment of mental health issues is the first step to addressing their impact on the workplace. Here, we provide information and insight on mental health issues to help you initiate and manage effective program

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Across every industry, field, and background, employers have an incredible opportunity

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