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May Is Mental Health Month


May is Mental Health Month – a time to focus on and strengthen our collective efforts around prevention, awareness and taking action. It has never been more important than during this pandemic with growing rates of anxiety, depression, substance use, trauma and excessively high rates of stress. The Center for Workplace Mental Health has resources for employers to address workplace mental health during and beyond May.

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Relaunch of Right Direction

Want to raise awareness about depression and other mental health conditions? We've got what you need with Right Direction, a high impact, turnkey initiative designed for employers and employees. This initiative raises awareness about depression and other mental health conditions and encourages help-seeking behaviors. Right Direction helps organizations create a healthier and more engaged workforce and communicates to individuals that "you are not alone." Now with a refreshed look and feel, it provides easy to navigate online resources to take your workplace mental health initiative to the next level. Check out the new website at

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Join Us As Mental Health Takes Center Stage with COVID-19

Virtual Meeting: Effectively Addressing Depression & Workplace Mental Health

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
2:00 - 3:00 pm EST

Depression is on the rise. This started before COVID-19 but is now projected to reach crisis levels. Employers play a key role in supporting employees experiencing depression and other mental health conditions. This includes raising awareness and encouraging help-seeking behavior. People experiencing these conditions should be reminded that they are not alone. There are tools and resources available to employers and employees to address these issues.

Join us as we share both online and community resources and tools to effectively address depression and workplace mental health. This includes guidance in planning a workplace mental health initiative during and beyond COVID-19.

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