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Mental Health, Organizational Culture, and the Role of Compassion


Wednesday, August 5 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

The need to address the intersection of compassion, empathy, mental health, and organizational culture has never been greater. During this presentation, Monica C. Worline, Ph.D. will draw on her extensive research and expertise on how knowledge workers cultivate courage, how organizations unlock potential through resourcing and how compassion creates healthier workplaces. Participants will also learn how creating healthy and effective work cultures positively impacts a business' bottom line.

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Headline News & Resources

How tech giants are handling the unprecedented mental health crisis in the workplace

The country was already experiencing a mental health crisis before protests began over racism and police practices. The tech industry has seen first-hand how the distressing news has impacted employee morale and increased mental health issues. In reaction, many companies are encouraging employees to take care of their mental health and providing managerial training on spotting the warning signs to encourage employees to access mental health care.

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The Implications of Working Without an Office

As discussions continue on opening, businesses are grappling with what the future employee work environment will look like. Chief among the questions they face is, "what impact has working from home had on productivity and creativity?" To that end, an employee survey was conducted addressing several areas, including job satisfaction, work engagement, perceptions of performance, conflicts with colleagues, stress, negative emotions, current living arrangements and more. Though not without challenges, results show that employees believe they have adjusted to working virtually more quickly than their leaders anticipated, and in fact, many are enjoying it and doing well.

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COVID-19: Mental Health & Well-being

This topic continues to be a high priority for employers. For that reason, we continue to post high impact resources that address key issues impacting the health and well-being of employees.

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