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The Impact of Race on Mental Health and Well-being


The U.S. is at a turning point in facing complex, systemic racial issues. Negative emotional and physical experiences such as exclusion, violence, and poverty stemming from race can have a direct impact on the mental health of people from underrepresented populations. As the recent series of events have shown, African American and Asian American populations currently lack both physical safety and emotional belonging, which have both psychological and physiological impacts.

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As Americans Begin to Return to the Office, Views on Workplace Mental Health Are Mixed

American Psychiatric Association's 2021 national public opinion poll of U.S. adults showed that 54% of employees say their employers have become more accommodating to their mental health needs during the pandemic. However, slightly fewer employees than last year say they can talk openly about mental health at work. Nearly 2/3 of people working from home feel isolated or lonely at least sometimes and 17% do all the time.

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How Companies And Employees Can Face The Global Mental Health Crisis Together

As we navigate the fallout from the pandemic, it is imperative that both employers and employees recognize how work habits and mental health go hand-in-hand. Employees are responsible for their own mental health and self-care through nutrition, sleep, regular exercise, and mindfulness techniques. The opportunity exists for organizations to support and strengthen their employees’ well-being by reevaluating current mental health benefits and considering add-on options for new emerging wellness and telehealth solutions.

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May is Mental Health Month Toolkit

Every month offers the opportunity to check in and provide support to your employees. The Center for Workplace Mental Health developed a toolkit that offers tips and resources for supporting mental health and well-being at work for months beyond May. Topics include, resiliency, self-care, isolation and loneliness, real strategies to show your support, and more.

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