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Physician Burnout: What Employers Should Know


Sigmund Freud got it right in stating: “love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” Yet, that hope is fading for physicians across the country. With national data revealing a 43.9% physician burnout rate, the medical community is pausing to acknowledge the complex interplay between over-stressed physicians and their patients.

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Elements Of An Effective Workplace Mental Health Strategy

Today's economy requires an engaged, resilient and innovative workforce. Investing time and resources in mental health as a critical element of comprehensive employee well-being provides innumerable advantages.

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Investing in Mental Health Training has a High ROI

Employees with mental health conditions often experience tremendous challenges when a manager is not trained to understand mental health conditions. The lack of understanding and training can be costly in employee performance and productivity loss through absenteeism and presenteeism.

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American Heart Association CEO Roundtable Tackles Workplace Mental Health

The Center for Workplace Mental Health appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with the AHA in developing a comprehensive report on workplace mental health. The report outlines 7 key pillars with strategies for each for employers to effectively address workplace mental health.

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