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Resilience: A Strong Workforce Needs It

Our fast-paced culture results in people working hard, meeting tight deadlines, managing work relationships and staying constantly connected through mobile devices. But this pace can lead to stress and burnout. Navigating through these challenges requires skills and strategies that can be developed. Resilience is a key strategy that helps employees tackle stress, a competitive job market, workplace conflicts, and address challenges on the job. Improving resilience is important because employees identify work as the number one stressor in their lives.

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Employers Are Making Mental Health A Priority

With increasing rates of depression, anxiety, substance misuse and suicide, employers are making mental health a priority. Darcy Gruttadaro shares factors that are encouraging more employers to address mental health.

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What Employers Can Do As Americans Experience Greater Anxiety

Whether it’s a heavy workload, tight deadlines or long commutes, many aspects of our job contribute to the increasing rates of anxiety. One survey released by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that Americans’ level of anxiety increased significantly in only one year. This gives employers an incredible opportunity to respond. By providing resources, promoting EAP and supporting employees, employers can make a big difference.

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Is Loneliness Taking over the Future of Our Workplace?

Changes in the way we work are making people lonely. In a recent Medium article, Darcy Gruttadaro says, “this is certainly a trend that’s growing”. She goes on to say, “It presents a challenge for employers to help people feel engaged and social in the workplace.”

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