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Managing Optimal Work Performance Through Behavioral Health Conditions


A new whitepaper from DMEC and The Standard, Managing Optimal Work Performance Through Behavioral Health Conditions (download the whitepaper here(.pdf)), addresses an employer's role and responsibilities when employees are experiencing behavioral health conditions. The Center for Workplace Mental Health appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the white paper.

"When an employee begins struggling with a mental health or substance use condition, supervisors are often frustrated by the decline in the employee's work performance. The employee may try to hide the condition for fear of losing their job. If the worker does disclose the condition, the supervisor may be confused about the course of such conditions within the context of work and unsure of how to respond."

The guide covers how supervisors can handle work performance decline brought on by mental health and substance use disorders.

DMEC shares the "sequence of impacts" that can be used to create a map for supervisors and managers in response to those with mental health conditions.

Download the Whitepaper Here (.pdf)

"Since mental health and substance use conditions are common, workplaces benefit when they are prepared and knowledgeable."

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