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Know the Warning Signs


Knowing the warning signs of common conditions and connecting with care early leads to the best results. Yet, less than half of people experiencing mental health conditions get help. This can be costly to employers in lost productivity, lower performance, loss of high performing employees, and rising disability rates. Untreated mental health conditions also take a heavy toll, often leaving people feeling lost, alone and disconnected in the workplace.

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Three Leading National Organizations Launch Workplace Mental Health Assessment

The 20-question survey is simple to use and focused on four key organizational areas: The Importance of Leadership; Improving Access to Services and Supports; Building a Healthy Organization and Culture; and Raising Awareness and Training.

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Improving Mental Health in the Industrial Workplace

Working adults in the manufacturing industry face a unique combination of pressures that can contribute to high levels of stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. In an extensive research project that analyzed the mental health scores of 19 industries within the U.S., manufacturing ranked within the bottom 10% of industries with a subpar mental health score.

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Latest Suicide Data Show the Depth of U.S. Mental Health Crisis

With statistics showing improved quality of life for Americans, it would seem that mental well-being would also improve alongside these measures. Yet, a recent study shows otherwise. Suicide rates have increased by 2% every year and are at its highest since World War II.

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Dealing with Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Mental illness is sometimes referred to as an invisible illness, but its effect on the workplace is far from hidden. A recent report found that the mental well-being of employees reached a five-year low in 2018, with younger workers hit hardest.

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