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Loneliness: Why Employers Should Care


Today, technology allows us to speak with others across the country and the world without having to leave our office. We also see a rise in open floor plan offices aimed at fostering interaction and good communication. While these modern-day opportunities are convenient, they may actually be contributing to loneliness. As human beings, we have an innate need to be connected to others, to belong. Loneliness pulls us away from social connectedness and is becoming a real concern for employers. If not addressed, it can impact office productivity, morale and employees’ health.

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The Center's Director, Darcy Gruttadaro Talks Mental Health with NCAA East Conference Leader

Darcy Gruttadaro, Director for the Center for Workplace Mental Health talks about how athletic departments, coaches and administrators can create mentally healthy environments during an interview conducted by Kate Bergstrom, Associate Commissioner of the NCAA America East Conference and 3PAcademy digital series.

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Taking A Mental Health Day from Work: An Employee’s Perspective

When someone takes a sick day because of a virus or the common cold, their absence isn’t considered evidence that they can’t handle their work. However, those with a mental health condition may be perceived as incapable of completing work related tasks. Unfortunately, there’s an unjustified stigma around mental health conditions in the workplace and in general. An employee explains her concerns around taking time off because of a mental illness and how it is perceived. Because of stigma, she couldn’t dare tell the truth. “I don’t want management thinking I’m incapable of doing my job.”

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How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

If you’ve wondered why your workplace isn't much better than your friend's, yet the grass always seems to look greener, perhaps it’s because you aren't talking about the most important thing at work: everyone's mental health.

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