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Mental Health Works Issues

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that occurs in people who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events such as natural disasters, serious accidents, terrorist incidents, war, or violent personal assaults.

Garmin International: Creating a Resilient Workplace

Challenges, setbacks, and trauma are realities in today's workplaces. Garmin International has provided information and education to help employees develop skills in resilience, or the ability to bounce back after adversity, as part of their well-being programming.

Starting the Conversation: How TiER1 Performance Solutions Took on Mental Health

Addressing mental health could be perceived as a huge and complex undertaking. It can be daunting to try to dispel the myths, reduce stigma, and solve the problem around mental health all at once. TiER1 Performance Solutions, on the other hand, said, "Let's just start a conversation about mental health."

Anxiety Disorders: What Employers Need to Know

Anxiousness, fear, and worry are normal human experiences and in some instances, are even adaptive and helpful for our survival. Most people feel a little nervous before a big speech, a job interview, or a visit to the doctor. But in anxiety disorders, those feelings are crippling, extreme, and/or persistent.

"R U OK?": A Meaningful Question to Foster a Culture of Caring at EY

"r u ok?" signifies three simple words, but the meaning proves much greater for partners and staff at EY. The r u ok? campaign aims to build awareness about mental illness and addictions, remove stigma, and show those who are struggling that they are supported.

Puget Sound Energy Promotes Mental Health

Energy utility company Puget Sound Energy (PSE) regularly promotes health and safety among its employees. These efforts have opened discussions about mental health among employees and supervisors and have helped reduced stigma for accessing accommodation and treatment services.

Anxiety Disorders: Why They Matter and What Employers Can Do

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the United States, affecting 18% of American adults and as many as 33% of people at any point in their lifetime. Globally, anxiety disorders are the sixth-leading cause of disability (defined by years of life lived with disability), with greater rates of disability occurring in females and in people aged 15 to 34 years.

Make 2017 the Year for Mental Health!

The dramatic political climate is causing employers to grapple with how to acknowledge the external environment, support employees and focus on staying productive and getting the job done. This article reviews offers some ideas on how to respond and make 2017 the year for mental health.

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